You Don’t Have a Choice

What I will never get about most people is that they think mental issue/illness is a choice. Well, to be true, it is not like that. You can’t just wake up one day and decide this is it.

“I wish I had depression,” “I wish I was suicidal,” or I wish to have bipolar disorder.” All of these don’t seem like a choice, and no one wants it, it just happens.

Any person who has ever had even a mild mental issue would understand that you ‘do not have a choice’. In fact, I think, ‘choice’ is an altogether wrong word here. People go through so much trauma, they suffer in silence, and some try to kill themselves. And believe me, if they had a choice, everybody would choose a better life.

People won’t be sitting in their psychotherapist’s office pulling their hair, cracking knuckles, or chewing without anything to chew on if they had a choice. People lose jobs, their whole career goes down the drain just for others to think it is what they chose? Who, on earth, wants to think about things they should not, sleep all day long, and never see the light of the day because they are stuck in their room?

Just like Maddie explains how people always tell you to ‘get over it’ if you have mental illness, but don’t do the same when someone has ‘cancer’. Having mental illness is not even considered a problem or health issue in our society; it is something a person chose.

The truth is, most of us have someone or the other near us who is suffering from mental issues, but we are too weak to stand up for them. Remember reading about how some people lose friends and family support to mental illness, and thinking that is unreal? It is not entirely superficial or at least that is what Caroline Ryan experienced. She has been homeless twice because her parents and friends turned her down when she needed them the most.

I am not trying to say here that positive thinking and motivating someone to let it go will not work, but there is a way. You have to be there and support, and not pass judgments on how it is a choice rather than something they did not ask for.

Picture Credits: Photo by David Cohen on Unsplash

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