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Feminism is a long judged topic of our era. I felt very guilty about being a feminist naturally because our society looks towards feminist as the ultimate men-haters. Well! FYI folks I am not really a Men-hater, instead my love for MenKind is eternal, for pretty obvious reasons. I personally don’t really care about the privileges that men get in our patriarchal society; I am certainly more concerned about the privileges other chromosome combinations don’t get.

Yes, I am a feminist, and I don’t go around hitting men or talking foul about them. Okay, sometimes I do that but I am not putting it on the universe. I just want the equal rights and my pocket would definitely appreciate the equal pay scale graph. Just for the fact that the lazy Y-Chromosome failed and pushed its lovely X-chromosome forward that doesn’t mean I will be given a little less of everything; be it respect, rights or salary.

And the biggest hypocrisy is always related to menstruation- Okay, I can’t go to the temple, I can’t enter the kitchen, and I can’t wash my hair and multiple other completely useless beliefs. And all these saintly people giving me this “Gyaan” are actually Secret agents cum God’s Messengers working for the welfare of our so called society. Like what if I go shamelessly ask for Sanitary napkins, it is just like asking for rice. It is a basic necessity so why I should really have to whisper to ask for a whisper. Too literal in every sense!

Another most horrible thing that I have always dreaded is that the woman has to take up the role of the ultimate caregiver. I am the most ill-mannered girl because I would want my would-be-darling to help me with the household chores and stay back to take care of the baby when it comes down to it. I am not saying that men don’t do it, but the majority take their wife for granted and be like you need to do it! It’s your job. Okay dear, I can even bath twice once from your side too, will that be okay?

I actually have a very long list of “I can do it but it is not my freakin’ job to get everything done”. My sister has always been nagged by relatives for the fact that she doesn’t know how to cook and she is okay, and have moved passed all the girly etiquettes running after her career. (I say relatives because my Parents are pretty cool about it. I actually inherited my feminism. Haha) I feel it is okay for her to not cook. What will happen after she gets married?

  1. The husband can also cook
  2. You can always hire a cook

Why is it mandatory for girls to learn all these things? I love cooking but that’s my choice. Nobody ever asked me to cut the vegetables in the most perfect shape and place them in an alien order for the salad. I can cut them in random shapes and just throw them on the plate. My dad would still be very happy to have it since it is rare that we even prepare the salad. It takes too much time; I still can’t peel a carrot perfectly!

I am a very crazy type of person; I guess you guys are already aware of it now. Anyway, a single word can create a pool of thoughts in me. So this blog is practically a trigger of a competition on YourQuote (An App for Writers), wherein we were supposed to write something using the word #Women. See image below


People tell me even today aren’t you too much of a feminist. Yes, I am and I believe in fighting for myself. Let’s just stop being all weird about feminism and accept it, because I don’t want to put this on the universe. Haha. Bye-Bye guys and girls, awaken the feminist in you.

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