Workplace rut or just stuck in a rut?

We always hear about how people fall into a workplace rut, wherein you keep doing same tasks and the same type of work every day. As the routine sets in, work life becomes dull (read: unbearable) and you start seeing things in black and white. However, more often than not we are also stuck in a rut in general. It is not just the workplace but you are doing same things over and over again for days.

It feels like running on a spinning wheel like a hamster and when you glance out, you see people watching you in full amusement. Then, suddenly it hits you. What are you doing? Is there any purpose? Is there anything at all that you are getting out of this monochrome life?

The answer to these questions is mostly negative.

I have rarely met anyone who enjoys monotony, someone who likes doing same things every single day. We all need a change, a change not from reality, but from the tasks that we do daily. And when you don’t get it, life seems to be moving forward and you are moving backward.

Imagine you are sitting in a train – the surroundings are moving backward and you are moving forward, now, reverse this. Instead of everything moving backward, you are moving backward and everything else is going forward. Your heart starts to sink, and you realize are you really going nowhere?

I am saying all these things because that is how I feel. All I have been doing for past 10 months is work and it feels like I have no progress in that area too. I feel sad and tired inside, and it is not like being tired after a long day of work. It is more like I woke up and I am already tired; not physically but mentally. I am falling in a life rut. I don’t know exactly how to get out of it, but here’s what I am going to do-

  • I realized that the moment I started freelancing fulltime, I dropped everything else and that includes my social life too. I don’t even remember when I last wore a nice dress or went a great party. So, this is number one on my list of changes. I’ll go out more, socialize more, and meet friends in person rather than randomly catching up on call. I figured a part of me still misses being around people.
  • Next, I will do something new every day, even if it is reading a new book, trying a new hairstyle, or cooking something different. These things may seem little but are important. You never know how much difference a new hairstyle can make.
  • I have written a lot about how unattainable goals make you lose interest in whatever you are doing. But, in reality, I always set unrealistic goals for myself. I have always done this in the past, I am doing it in the present, but I don’t intend to do so in future. Though I understand that unachievable goals make me accomplish even less than my potential, it is hard not to be tempted by the happiness you can get if you achieve these unrealistic goals. However, I will change this and this time, I am going to try harder.
  • I know that I am unable to move out of this rut because I fear losing everything. Whenever I go out, I feel guilty for not giving enough time to my work, or reading, or anything else that I should be doing. All this is because I have made myself believe that I can lose everything if I do not give my hundred percent to the path I have chosen. But, I have nothing to lose. If things don’t work out the way I planned it to be, I can always find a job, acquire a new skill, and start all over again. So, there is something for each one of us that keeps us in a rut, it is a vulnerable comfort zone that makes us feel safe. I am personally going to change this because even if I fear losing everything, the fact is I really have nothing to lose.

Being stuck in a rut in more like being trapped in a comfort zone that makes us feel good but it is all a big fat lie.

1 year ago

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