Where’s my Journal?

Remember that kid with a journal in hand? Well, I have always been that kid. You may ask me why? Here’s why.

I personally think everyone should have a journal, those who don’t have a journal are missing out on so much. Having a journal is like having the best teacher there ever was. That daily quest, small or big, teaches you so many lessons and if you write it down you see things clearly, you’d be like oh there it is, I am doing this wrong or oh! I didn’t know that this is how things were supposed to be.

Ever wondered why you are always stuck at something and can’t decide what you want to do or rather the more legit question what you should do? I say write it down. When you write things in your journal you find the answers to the issues related relationships, jobs, and other day-to-day struggles.

One day looking at all the journals on my table a friend asked me “What are you 12? Who writes journals at 24?” and I am like “Okay, you have no clue how good it is”.

Why do you think writing a journal helps you personally?

The simplest answer would be it gives you clarity. While you are thinking about everything and anything you are clogging your mind, which indirectly means that you are making it difficult for yourself to reach a conclusion. However, on the other hand when you write about all that is in your mind you somehow see clearly all that you need to know. It is like Oh! It was there in front of you all the time and you didn’t see it.

With journaling, you connect better with yourself and I think that is all we want in the end to know what we want and what is important for us.

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