Tired Physically Or Mentally?

I ask this question to almost everyone because everyone around keeps saying that ‘I am so tired’. But, my concern is, are you tired physically or mentally?

Some people are naturally tired because they have a lot of work to do, finances to manage, family to support, and children to take care of. However, most 20-something are mentally tired. I don’t know the reason but I sure as hell know I am tired too. Maybe it is the unrealistic expectations we put ourselves through, or it is the unwanted perfectionism that we try to achieve at every stage of our lives.

My mom once said, “I don’t know what is wrong with kids these days, some are not happy with their 70 percentile and others have a great job that they actually want to do but they can’t stop complaining about it.” That day I realized she is right. We are a bunch of cribbing, self-loathing professionals who get the jobs we want and choose a career of our choice, but we still like the idea of perfectionism.

Hence, we all get tired. Tired of working, tired of studying, tired of running our own business, and tired of keeping a job we worked so hard to get. This is not because we have to work long hours, as most of us don’t do that. We mentally keep raising our expectations of how it should be like because we read it somewhere or a friend talked greatly about it. But, the catch here is we miss the working hard part and also the fact that everything becomes great on its own course. You can’t sow a seed and dream of embracing the fruit in your hands in two days. It takes time.

Just the other day, a cousin of mine, who is an engineer and finding it hard to get a good job, asked me to do her a favor. Like any normal person, I was of the opinion that she wants me to refer her some place I have worked before, but, she asked me to teach her how to write. How is someone supposed to do that?

Nobody taught me to write, and I am sure, nobody taught any writer to write. It comes naturally. All someone can teach you is to reframe your writing, which clearly means that you already have the talent, you only have to smoothen the bumps and rough edges. And I think, it is true for every profession, you just have the talent for some things. An amazing salesperson has it in him, and he knows how to crack a deal. You can’t teach someone that, and even if you try, it might take a lot of time with no prominent results.

So, the point is, we are mentally torturing ourselves to do something extraordinary but what if most of us are born to do something ordinary. And what if we are good at doing the ordinary but we are constantly banging our heads against the wall because you know, being ordinary is a crime.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

12 months ago

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