Thing You Do To Upset Your Freelancer

No matter how happy-go-lucky a person is, some things annoy every freelancer. You wake up in a perfectly good mood and then everything falls apart because of something your employer said or did. Well, that happens with almost every working adult, but misery-bag of freelancers is a bit different.

Even 12 months back, becoming a freelancer was not that big of a task, however, today it is a race. With so many people in the lane trying to hog every freelance platform and offering lowest possible rates, it has become a task for talented people to get past this herd and achieve something. And just to increase the misery, certain clients try to act like they can get away with anything-

  • Not paying on time. This is by far the topmost reason that irritates me a lot. I have worked for you, I have given my precious time, which I would have given to some other project, and if you do not pay me on time that is just so unfair. It is equivalent to not getting your salary on time. I agree here the pay amount might be lower but to freelancers and every other person even a small amount of hard-earned money matters, a lot.
  • Bargaining on the rate. Frankly speaking, this is not a flea market, where you can come and bargain for a little less rate. Many clients try to bargain a lower rate than the original bid, which is not right. If you have a freelance copywriter who is ready to work on a lower pay then go for him/her, I don’t mind. And I don’t think any good freelancer would. Initially, every freelance writer doubts this thing and start accepting low pay jobs, but that is wrong. If you are delivering quality work, you deserve a good pay. People buy expensive products, why? Because quality is important. So if you need expert-level work, you will have to pay expert rates.
  • Changing the brief after the work is done. Not all but some clients change the brief after the work is done. Well, that is cruel. If it’s just a part of the content that needs to be changed, then it is fine, and no one minds editing once or even twice, but flipping the whole brief is weird. Why didn’t you clear your mind in the starting?
  • Not replying to emails. I personally have come across a lot of people who do not reply to emails for days, it is like you are being stood up. You have completed your work and you are waiting for a response for approval, feedback, or payment. Though that is still okay, sometimes you have to wait for a response to a question you asked your client to clarify some issues. Some people are so weird that they do not reply in the first place and then start blaming you for not completing the work on time.
  • Disappearing after the work is delivered. I had a client, who by the way was one of my first clients when I started freelancing, he assigned some work and disappeared right after I delivered it. I don’t get it why people do that and why they do not respect other person’s hard work. He even posted one of the articles, and I had no choice but to let it go as the articles where not of the niche I can post on my blog.
  • Expecting a lot from your freelance writer. I have come across a lot of clients who not only expect me to write for them, but also want me to post the articles on my personal profile. That is one thing, but asking your freelancers to make guest profiles and guest post on various sites is like asking for too much. People take hefty amounts for guest blogging, and I am not a guest blogger, and even if I had been, I would ask for more pay than you are offering.

Client’s forget that your freelancers are also like employees, you have to treat them well and respect their work. And even if you have extra requirements then do us some courtesy and mention them beforehand. Don’t spill the beans after the work is done.

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