The Tilted Chair



There is nothing more important than your chair in the office. I realized this after joining my current job. People generally look out for career growth, their position and salary hike while joining some other firm. I will always look out for the furniture and in particular the chair they put in there.

I have cervical and shoulder pain issues because of the fact that I am a lefty and I work with my left hand more than the right one. Well, partly it’s God’s fault who didn’t make me in a way to write from my right hand, but I am not angry, I am the Creative Child.

So after joining this new Office I was very happy till the time I had to actually sit at my desk and in about an hour or so I had throbbing pain in my shoulder. Okay! Me being the good person that I am, I thought – no worries, it is just the first day stress. However, this carried on for two weeks. And I finally had to ask some office person to get me a new chair.

What comes next is unbelievable. The admin person told me that I need to write a letter to my OIC, like a letter letter and not an email or something and a note sheet will be followed. In short, to spare you guys from the torment it is approximately 1 month long procedure. I was like Can I bring my own stupid Chair from home? Like really, just for a freakin’ chair I have to do all that. What wrong could have happened to that chair?

After that, I kept on trying and decided to not follow the stupid procedure. Meanwhile, there is someone who hates me like hell in the office, who would change my chair every now and then. Oh! I went for a meeting, I came back and congrats! I don’t even have a chair now. Problem solved.

Next, I got a chair even worse than the previous one, a Tilted-To-Left-Chair, just adding to my misery. I then had to go home early 2-3 days because I just couldn’t work. That Mighty Chair.

An end to all the sufferings!

A few days before Diwali, on Saturday, there was this so-called “Diwali Ki Safaiya” going on in the office. When I came all the workers were out having Tea. I knew this was a Golden Opportunity. It was time for new- good chair. They had gathered all the chairs of my block in one corner.

I looked around carefully and there was no one in sight. I hastily picked up a good chair, took it to my seat, sat on it. And Oh-My-God this was such a nice chair. That day was the first day in the office that I worked peacefully.

Before leaving for home something hit me. What if someone takes this so good chair away? What if I could never find a good chair again? And a lot of other What ifs?

What I did next is unthinkable. I wrote my seat number on the chair with a pen. And ever since 4 months I have never lost my GOOD chair. I always find it back.

I know people never understand the importance of a good chair. Come to me, I’ll tell you HOW DAMN IMPORTANT IT IS. Haha.

So this is my stupid crazy Tilted Chair Story. Just adding the picture of my chair with my seat number on it. Go you guys have a good laugh.


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  1. Where is the tilted one?….No pic…..Anyways chairs are much important for a government employees too.

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