Okay, 2016! Bye-Bye

Well, personally 2016 has been literally like “its New Year- I Sneezed- And Oh- it’s almost New Year Again”

I just really don’t know when all these months-days-hours pass by. In the starting of the year I had so many things to accomplish and I am not even close. Like this very blog, it was in my so called to-do list for this year. Day after day I would still think I have a lot of time until Yesterday a friend of mine was like “Why the hell are you not writing that damn blog?” And yes I was like “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

So here I am talking about the year that went from Good to Bad to messy to terribly wrong in just a matter of seconds. Now, I actually think “What the hell was I doing the whole year long?”. I mean apart from switching jobs and somehow managing to complete my education I really did nothing I hoped I would be doing. One second I was like “Oh! I need that Job” to “Yeah! I have it, let’s join somewhere else”. I really don’t know how I did all these things in just a year. Speaking Mumma’s style “Sara Raita Faila Dia”

However, my “I’ll go Places” is checked on the to-do list- Like in a literal sense. Goa- Oh My God! Chilling by the beach is the best thing I could do. I almost planned to shift there, but seems like I can seldom get a job there, and daddy said, “I am not sponsoring you”. Haha. Well, never mind, now I travel different places. Even I’m going to Pushkar this weekend on Christmas; let’s see how it turns out to be. Yay! I’m excited.

But the best thing I will still cherish about this year is I got my goal, that one special place where everybody is heading in their life, metaphorically though. Some people find this one thing, the thing that we actually want to do, really really late in life. And some find it, acknowledge it but could never gather the courage to give it a start.

Too much of Senti-Talking makes my inner voice shout –“Oh! Shut up now”, so I’m back. Not really, though, will be back again sometime soon with another blog and a new story. Bye-Bye till then.

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