Oh! The New Fallout- Banks

All my life, at least for the longest of time that I can possibly remember, my sweet-Mommy is after me to prepare for bank jobs.

I remember being in just first year of college and mom nagging me to fill some clerical post bank form. I know it might be hard to believe but I did fill the form, I think I even paid some registration fees. Bought the book for mom’s sake and never showed up to give the exam. Well! Just to clear the doubts I didn’t sneak out on exam day, however, one day I went to my mom and told her I don’t want to do this. She said nothing! I grabbed the opportunity and discussed no further.

After that there were several other moments when my mom let me not-fill-the-form just because she had bigger plans. Fourth year of graduation and I was flooded with questions not only from mommy-darling but every relative I could possibly remember. Seemed like everyone wanted me to be a banker, maybe because then their bank tasks would be queue-less. At least they might have thought so! Haha

I somehow passed this phase and got placed in a very good MNC and currently working at a different place. Okay, I got confused and chose a different option altogether. Anyway.

After demonetization my mom went from “Yo banks to No-Banks”. Although this was a very happy moment for me, however, I felt real bad for all the bankers out there, who worked the hell out just to receive a lot of criticism from the same people they worked for. Like chill guys not every banker is corrupt, you won’t be able to get what little money you have if they were.

This way or that I am still in the favor of demonetization because it made my family declare that in the coming generations nobody will ever do a bank job. Somehow we are actually putting it on the whole universe and I am smiling with all my teeth stuck out (white and shiny by the way). At least I am out of this rat trap.

So here we are once again biding goodbye with me walking out of the trap like a boss. Haha. Take care folks.

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