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“My Brain has too many tabs Open” -This quote hangs right above my computer screen. When I first read it on pinterest I was like SO DAMN TRUE!  It is like my mind never shuts up and I am a total control freak.

Why this particular thing took my attention today? because a colleague of mine took it from my soft board and hanged this piece of paper on his desk. And I was like “Oh, I miss my tabs” . It is basically a conscious reminder of “ Dear you think too much, just let it pass” . So today I am obsessing over this instead. Anyway.

Today, I literally had to drag myself to the office. I am so not a morning person, it is okay to stay awake till 6 but it is practically a crime to me to wake up at 6 am. I hate those friends and family members of mine who literally get up at 6 A.M. just because they have to go for a morning walk. Like literally. Go for an evening walk you guys. What is wrong with the world? And then there is my sister, who is continuously after my life and wants me to wake up at 5.30 A.M. (worst nightmare) because she wants to go for the Yoga early morning. I instead offered her evening fast-food session, but she is too stubborn to accept good things.

Office seems like the perfect place to me, it inspires sleep and you can fall asleep in seconds. At home it takes me at least 30 minutes of Instagram-Facebook scrolling.

Well, while writing this blog, suddenly something caught my attention. The paper dolls on the side of my computer screens have some funny faces drawn on them. I really wonder who did that to my cute little dolls. See Image Below


I think too much and it actually takes me seconds to flip from one topic to another. Right at this moment I am thinking that the new year is almost here and I am yet to buy gifts for almost everyone. Also, not to forget that I am already out of money. Apart from all this I have still not decided whether I want to stay at home in my cozy blanket reading books all night on new year or if I want to take a different turn all together and go rock the new year party.

As of now I think I am too lazy to get dressed and new year’s eve is on saturday and that is my Rest-Day. I rarely move my lazy self on weekends. So I think the New Year will be great!

It is almost time for a Tea-Break at the office. So I am going to go have some Tea, get my System to work and order some New Year gifts for my family. Meanwhile ignoring the fact how broke I am! Let’s spread some smiles. Good Day Guys.

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