New year is such a Cliché

I guess I am one of those people who doesn’t really believe in New Years. It is just another horrible day, adding up to my list; mostly because of people constantly asking me about my plans. Okay! You guys I had no plans for New Year not because I am a loner but because I think this thing is so overrated. And Also, I was home watching Star Screen Awards. Yes, people like me do exist.

Another most stupid-and-hyped thing would be whatever you are doing on New Year, you’ll keep doing a year long. Oh Please like I was peeing at 12 a.m. but that does not mean that I will spend the rest of my Year on the Potty seat. Well, yes, practically I will spend my Year peeing because that’s a constant demand, which my bladder would make of me.

I was there like Why do I even need to make resolutions? First, I would never stick to them after just one day and secondly, I can make resolutions any time in the year because if it is meant to be accomplished I’ll do it irrespective of the time, date, starting or ending of the year. I agree one of my previous blogs do tell clearly that I had a New Year To-Do list last year, but common guys people change and I have come to believe that New year is such a Cliché.

And then there are people who necessarily need to wish everybody Happy New Year right at 12 A.M. on 1st of January. I just dodged all their plans by switching off my phone at that time in particular. However, any which ways I had to celebrate New Year because of the innumerable mistakes that I will make in writing the correct date for the next couple of days.

I think instead of making a resolution list we all should be making a Mistake-List wherein we would be writing down all the mistakes that we did last year and try to not make them this year; Like I’d really love if I could start exercising before my Doctor has to forcefully push me into a physiotherapist’s clinic for back pain.

Yay! I actually gave myself a brilliant idea while writing this very blog. My Mistake-List would be made very soon. Or rather I’d like to call it the things I would like to avoid in 2017, which will definitely give rise to another blog title- ‘How I stopped Sulking’. I would really like to avoid sulking in 2017.

So finally- Hello 2017, Please be good to me and all the people reading this blog and yes, I don’t want to sneeze you away. Thank you for the Patience. Hahaha bye-bye.

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