Let’s Write It Out

 “Writing is a struggle against silence” – Carlos Fuentes

On my recent trip to Pushkar I brought a very nice notebook, and I am crazy about notebooks. I have a dozen of them. I think the sole reason of my liking towards notebooks is actually because of the fact that I love writing; not in a sense, most people will assume it to be. I just love writing my heart out on the paper.

Most people today restrict writing to only writing blogs, columns, articles, poetry, and books. However, I feel writing is way beyond anything that needs a label. And believe me, language is no barrier to writing. I hardly know Hindi, Yes! That is my mother tongue and I speak Hindi on a daily basis for almost every conversation, but I don’t know the real essence of this language but I still write in Hindi sometimes.

We have reached an era where people write to impress others and not to express their true self. I don’t know if that barrier will ever break, but here right now I would like to say don’t let this virtual barrier stop you from flying.

I write Poetry (both Hindi-English), I write Blogs, I write Articles and occasionally when I don’t want anyone to read it I write in my notebook. Well, I don’t really write in my notebook I instead talk to my notebook. It is like a friend, You can write anything in there and wow, it won’t judge you at all. And I practically make a living by writing.

I didn’t study how to write and I didn’t do English honors for that matter, I am an engineering graduate and I am willing to pursue my career in content. Why? It is really hard to explain. Words are the only thing that comes to me naturally. I write in sad times and on happy days, I’ve actually landed in many jobs just because I know how to play with words.

When I started writing this blog today I knew it was going to one SENTI- DEEP thing. Can’t help it, writing and poetry are things too personal to me, in a way a major reason of my survival too, so this one had to be Oh-I-Can-Do-Deep-Meaningful-Talks-Too.

Okay, too much serious talking makes me uncomfortable. Haha. Tadaa. Keep Writing. I would love to read your work (If in case anyone would like to share it). I am sharing one of my recent Poetries below- a Hindi one. Take care.


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