Let’s Clean

Oh! I entered my room on my birthday and BAMMM! Hello OCD, Welcome back. My room was highly decorated (with balloons and flowers) and I was thinking how will I clean it?

After a shitty exam I was really happy to have these precious little humans in my life (Well, not exactly little) and on the other hand, all these balloons on my ceiling were adding to my stress. Every time I saw them a shiver ran down my spine. All the worries came true when I removed them in the night and the ceiling came off with the cello tape.

I really don’t know if this OCD will ever let me live my life to the fullest. But wait! Let me clear one thing here people, OCD is not just about repetitively washing hands it is much more than that. For that matter, I don’t wash my hands a trillion times but a chair not kept right can freak the bejesus out of me.

To all the stressed souls out there I feel you. I feel how people keep making fun of your obsessive nature. All you can think about is when is everybody going to leave, and when will you start arranging things in your own weird order.

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in which Monica can’t sleep because she didn’t keep her shoes in the right place. Well, I am that person.

Normally when guests come people invite them to their room, however, me- I’d just give away anything for doing just the opposite of that.

“Hello, Please come. Try not to touch anything. You can look at my stuff, but just try to really not move anything.”

Sometimes I think I am going crazy and I’d love to live a normal life. But then I give in to insanity and CLEAN MY ROOM, AGAIN!

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