Just Shut up your Mind

I know everybody keeps whining about how their mind never shuts up. Being an OCD freak, I exactly know what it is. ‘Oh! You are sleepy and suddenly your mind decides to never shut up’, ‘Trying to work, and a thought crossed your mind, well! Never really crossed just settled there permanently-‘ until the boss decides to throw his vocal cords at you.

We have all been familiar with such incidents, and how our mind actually tries to mess with our life is impeccable. Just today, I’ve been trying to work since morning and can’t even get through one simple task because my dearest mind won’t shut up. Now I have a lot of work and just an hour left to do all that.

The other day I thought Oo, I am thinking too much, let’s doodle to put it off. Instead of putting it off I actually doodled ‘Do you have a plan?’, ‘I don’t even have a PLA’ something I remembered from TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Some doodle thing perfectly suiting the situation then. So you just don’t put your mind off rather put your mind in everything.


Some days when I am on a tea break with my colleagues, I aimlessly start staring at people- Okay! I don’t do it, I am just swallowing my mind and in the process end up staring at random people. Then my colleagues are seen shouting ‘Too many tabs open’. Like ya, that’s me with all the infinite tabs running all at once.

Even while writing this blog, I am constantly switching between various tabs (Actual ones on my computer) because I keep remembering different stuff and I need to explore it all. Basically, like background music my mind has a background voice somewhere at the back of my head continuously poking me, trying to make me not concentrate on the task at hand. Right now it is like ‘Common you are still on that blog, get over it already’

So that’s what I am going to do now- get other things done. Bye-bye

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