Hormonal Changes – I Didn’t Sign Up For This

Does anyone else feel that it is so unfair we have to deal with constant hormonal changes? Every month or I should say all month long there is this continuous urge to question God why he didn’t do us enough justice.

A month full of fluctuating moods and abdominal pain, what is really in it for us? I mean I am really getting sick of ‘It’s just your period talking’. Well, yes, maybe, but you know what else is true? I didn’t ask for it, and right now I am frustrated because it is hard to explain, and for that matter, understand how my body functions. I am not even sure what I should expect tomorrow. Maybe I’d be happy, or I’d be running towards hell trying to kill everything and everyone in my way.

Last time, at the end of my period, I was talking to a friend how I feel like a loser as far as my career is concerned. And he said, ‘It is just your period talking, and you’ll come around after a few days’. I don’t think I need to explain that he has earned it as his birthright to say things like that because he is a man.

Okay, just to be clear I still feel the same about my career, and it was not my period talking. Sometimes it is the other way round, and I am like that on my period, but believe me, no one is more furious about it than me. But, really, what can I actually do about it rather than swallowing the pain and frustration.

However, today, I did my research to find out how it all works, and I don’t think I understand it even now.

During first week of the menstrual cycle, estrogen is lowest and rises for 7 days, which means mood and energy boost. After 7th day till ovulation, estrogen tends to increase which enhances mood and energy. After this starts the time for PMS, which I don’t think I need to explain. For final 6 days of menstrual cycle, estrogen drops and leads to bad mood and irritability.

Although this might give an explanation to some women, I feel like I am experiencing PMS half of the month. Adding 5 days of period pain and irritation, and If I am calculating correctly, this leaves me with barely 8 to 10 days of peace. Oh, how can I forget work and other things can mess these days.

I don’t remember signing up for a life full of super costly tampons and sanitary napkins. I need a break.

Picture Credits: Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

1 year ago

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