Holi – The Festival of Colors or Colorful Me?

One thing that is not common between me and most of the other Indians is that I don’t like festivals that much. First, I don’t have the patience to shop for traditional clothes. And it is not like that I don’t like traditional clothes, I love them, I just don’t like shopping. Second, I like to treat a holiday as a day to just lie in bed doing nothing. However, Indian festivals demand too much, including meeting a lot of people you only meet during holidays.

Even though my hatred for such days is inexplicable and clearly visible, this Holi was different, and in a good way.

Holi is a festival of colors wherein people color each other’s face with ‘Gulal’. If you have heard the song ‘Hymn for the Weekend’, that’s a typical Holi scene; only in a subtle way. In reality, our Holi includes much more wildness than this. We dance on the streets and throw colors at each other, but we also throw water balloons, tear off people’s clothes, throw colors and balloons at random strangers, and drink ‘Bhang’.

Different people celebrate Holi in their own ways, and mine was the worst nightmare with egg facial and ketchup spa.

I was lured to Holi celebration by a few friends, who said it is nothing but an after-party with some booze and snacks. Needless to say, from the moment I stepped in, there was a constant shower of eggs, color, water balloons, beer, heena, ketchup, and some more eggs.

I am highly embarrassed to share that this color will not leave my body for at least a week, and it is hard to go out looking like a monkey.

Overall, it was fun, mostly because of alcohol and snacks; our original deal. Also because a lot of people couldn’t recognize me at all which is always good for me.

Here’s how everybody looked after we were done with Holi.


1 year ago

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