Happy Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day and here comes the mandatory blog for this very very special occasion! Just kidding.

It was not my plan to write on women’s day, but I was somehow compelled to jam my fingers on the keyboard. Why do we only honor women on the women’s day? Why is it even a day? And why do my colleagues suddenly start feeling like, oh! She’s a woman, let’s wish her? And for that matter why don’t we wish men with the same enthusiasm on International men’s day, which is by the way on 17th November.  I just searched it, out of curiosity.

I get the point how people want to make the females in their lives happy, but that is what birthdays are for. Give me love and a bag full of wishes on my birthday, not on some random day.

Now that I know men’s day is on 17th November, I’ll desperately wait for the day and see how many women change their DPs, or even share a single post on their social media. I wouldn’t do that, simply because I am against this hypocrisy. We go on ranting about gender equality and celebrating just Women’s day is so not equality, it is just opposite of that.

Yes, I am a feminist but I don’t crave for unnecessary attention, I crave for necessary equality. Why does everybody suddenly feel the need to love all the women in their life today? There are 365 days in a year, for God’s sake.

Even if some people feel the need to wish every single women around them out of generosity, to all you good men out there I am going to wish you on International Men’s day, be prepared for it.

I don’t know why we have to make such a big deal about it and certainly, everyone becomes a feminist today. Okay, ‘one day feminist’ I don’t like you. I’ll see you some other time and would want to know if you still respect all the women in your life. Not putting it on everyone. However, let’s face it respect should be in the heart and it is not necessary to be very vocal about it.

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