Everyone Around You Is Happy And You Are Just Pacing Backwards!

I am sure a lot of people will relate. Maybe it’s the time or I don’t know who we can blame it on but this phase is kind of dragging us to the edge.

Everyone I see around is doing a great job, going abroad for studies, getting married, or simply getting pregnant. Isn’t all this too much to digest? Well, it is for me. When I ask myself, ‘where I want to be in next two years?’ Honestly, right now, I don’t even know where I will be in next one year and for that matter, in next six months.

Everything is just too unstable, and the moment I look around, people around me are happy. Not posting-everything-on-Facebook happy, but genuinely in a happy place. Then I see my close friends, they are all doing something great and enjoying in general. And I am here wondering what I should eat for dinner.

Is it too bad? Now when I think about it, it is not that bad. What if people like me are little slow? Maybe I am progressing slowly with my own tortoise pace. Maybe I don’t get things as easily as I should. That also makes me really sad, I struggle a lot for something but, the outcome? It is still shady and rather unknown to me. Sometimes I get nothing out of all the tussle and other times it is too less to rejoice.

I know there are also people who are struggling to make ends meet just like me. I feel you all. It is like an unknown bond that we share. I often see people in public looking stressed, dressed modestly, and trying to make their way through the crowd. And I think there is a person just like me, trying to get through the day. It is quite evident when you are not happy and when you are just hanging in between. All I want to say to all these people is that I get it. I know nobody else understands, but I do. I know exactly what it’s like to be lost in a room full of people you know.

Maybe someday I’ll find my happy place and that day I will come back to this blog and tell how it was all worth the wait. Till then for all the stressed people out there, ping me if you want to talk. Let’s have an anonymous conversation. I promise I won’t judge you.

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