Code of Conduct for Ghosts

A lot of people may be confused after reading the headline but this is exactly what I am going to talk about today.

One of my sisters is really afraid of supernatural powers and ghosts, and she is totally terrified by the idea of their existence. So, every time we sit together, the topic comes up, and she shares her imaginations of how it should be along with her unrealistic dreams.

Last weekend, she explained a dream she had some time back in the past. It goes like this- she is sitting in class with one of her friends and suddenly from the corner of her eyes, she saw a girl. This girl was constantly staring at her and smiling the most wicked smile. My sister, who we’ll call Anna for now, proceeded and poked her friend to say, “Why is she staring at me?”

The friend responds, “Who she? I don’t see anybody.” A shiver ran down Anna’s spine as she realized only she could see the weird girl.

Then, out of curiosity, she again poked her friend and asked, “Look in this direction, at her, why is she smiling like that?”

The friend again responded, “Are you dreaming? Nobody is sitting there.”

The twist in the story is, this girl is slowly walking towards Anna, and Anna, being an observant person, is aware of it. She doesn’t directly see the girl but from the corner of her eye, she can see that the girl is proceeding in her direction. Finally, when the girl reached, she started chewing on Anna’s arm, but everybody in the room is unaware of the situation, as they can’t see the girl.

Then, Anna woke up. 

There are numerous stories like this, all imaginary, at least as far as I know. But, Anna always comes up with the code of conduct for supernatural powers. Here’s the code of conduct:

If someone is sleeping, he or she is safe

So, Anna believes that if two people are in a room and you feel something is wrong or there is a supernatural power present, then the person who is asleep is automatically safe. Her logic behind this is simple, “Sote huye ko thodi jagaege” (Ghosts will not wake up a sleeping person).

Even if you wake up and realize something is wrong, nothing happens until you open your eyes

If by chance you wake up in the middle of the night and realize there’s a ghost, then don’t open your eyes. The actual problem starts the moment you open your eyes, and when you don’t, you are safe. For this she says, “Movies me nai dekha kya? Eye kholte hi attack kerte hai” (Didn’t you see in movies that ghosts attack the moment you open your eyes).

Supernatural powers and ghosts don’t need doors and they can move through the walls

Well, we all know this and we have seen it in movies. Supernatural powers don’t need the door to be open, they can move through the walls. This simply means you are always at the risk of encountering a ghost according to Anna.

If the lights are on, you don’t need to worry

If you leave the lights on in the night, then nothing can happen because ghosts have a code of conduct that says, “Can only be seen in the night or when it is dark.” She believes, “Ujale me kaunse bhoot ate hai, andhere me ate hai” (Ghosts don’t show up in light, they show up when it is dark).

When you realize there is a ghost in a certain direction, don’t look there directly

We are all curious souls, so, when we realize there is some ghost in a particular direction, we look there. Instead, Anna says, “don’t look directly at it because maybe if the ghost is aware that you are not aware of the ghost’s presence, it can save you.”

When two people are present, then the younger in age is always safe

This one is my favorite. Let’s say you are sleeping in the night with someone younger to you, and you encounter a ghost. You are at the risk of dealing with the ghost because they don’t bother younger children. “Bacho ko thodi pareshan kerte hai” (They don’t bother children).

*This is for you Ashreya- my forever love.

11 months ago

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