Bullet Journal – What is this thing?


Well, first of all it is just a journal, but a very very different one. Once you get used to this little thing I am sure you’ll carry it everywhere. Yes, even to the loo.

I got to know about bullet journal through an office colleague and her excitement level practically made me explore this thing more. So, here I conclude that a bullet journal is nothing but simply your Yearly Tracker, wherein you can keep a track of everything you do, from daily tracker to money tracker, you can put everything in there.

This is how my bullet journal’s cover page looks like- so true in every sense. In between I put a lot of self curated quotes- being a poet has its own several benefits. Haha.

bullet journal.jpg

bullet journal1.jpg

You have to put in a lot of efforts to make a simple bullet journal. First, you will need to search for various things and trackers you want to put in there. Then, you will have to compile all these things and decide which comes when. And lastly, give it an artistic touch if you are an artistic sort of person (or if you are a girl. haha). Otherwise, you can just fool some of your innocent artistic friends to decorate your journal for you. I started with a calendar.

bullet journal2.jpg

Also, you need an index, it is the most important thing. At first you’ll definitely think that you don’t need an index but eventually you’ll put so many things in the journal that it will be hard to memorize what is on what page.


Then comes birthdays and events. I am personally someone who can forget anyone’s birthday so I always check my Facebook the first thing in the morning just to see whose birthday it is.


Daily and Monthly tracker to track all your daily and monthly activities, like the things you would like to do on a daily basis or a particular task that needs to be done.

bullet journal3.jpg

Shopping and wishlist. Okay, this one is my personal favorite. I like to shop a lot, so I divided my list into shopping and wishlist where shop column would contain things I really, really need, like actually need them and wishlist column would contain things I want and are completely useless and of no use. Hahaha.


Money tracker and Savings Jar are something that keeps me motivated to spend less because I constantly keep noticing that I am in severe debt to the credit card company.

bullet journal4.jpg

Health tracker is basically for people like me, who can smell junk food from a building meters away. I keep a genuine track of food that I eat whole day long.


For all the book nerds like me, you definitely need a Good Reads page where you can list all the books you read year long. Also, make one brainstorming page where you can write various facts and new words that you come across.

bullet journal5.jpg

Well well well, this is the most epic thing which I did think of on my own- the Doodle Page. So I am someone who can get really irritated about anything and put myself in a bad mood. So one fine day I decided to distract myself from doing so and made this doodle page. Okay, I know I can doodle good.


Less/ More would be the things you need to do less or more.


There are a lot of other things that you can put in your bullet journal just do your research. And I say just go for it. This is something epic. You’ll know exactly What shit you have been up to for a whole year. I am loving this. Share your journals if you make it and when you make it. Bye-bye.

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