Anxiety Is Not At All Funny

I see that a lot of people today use the word anxiety way too much. As if it is the next cool thing or you don’t know the meaning. It is not funny for people who actually have anxiety issues, however, it is funny to realize how perfectly normal and healthy people use it as an excuse.

I am sure many of you might still disagree with me on how we are overusing the word anxiety, but let me give an example. Imagine you are in office, it is just a normal day, and suddenly, you realize you have a big presentation which can change your career. You are anxious or nervous, right? While that is true, it is also right that being anxious and nervous is nothing when compared to anxiety disorders.

People who have anxiety have a sword hanging right above their head all the time, like literally all the time. It is like a 24/7 support and the only difference is anxiety is not supporting you at all. You are there, having tea, unexpectedly, everything falls out of place and you can’t stop thinking about how you are such a loser.

I have anxiety issues and believe me it is not the same as nervousness and butterflies before something big. For me, I had the worst of this thing and I can’t get out of it. Many people forget bad reviews, brush it off, and quickly get over it, or at max, it takes people merely a day or two. Last time I got a bad review (work wise) I sunk into my own world for a month. It won’t leave my head how I am not good enough and I will never make it. So yeah, anxiety disorders are not same and the word anxiety should not be used as freely as we do.

I have my own way of brushing of anxiety, though not really quickly, eventually, it works.

  • First, think about how it all does not matter. By this, I mean if I worry about my freelance career, I simply stop and push myself to believe that even if it does not work, I can always get a job. It is not that hard. But, it is obviously hard to believe yourself that fast. The key is to keep poking yourself that it’s not that bad.
  • Second, I just write all my scrambled thoughts on paper and clear my mind. I know a lot of people can’t do it, but everyone can type and you can write your thoughts on a computer or on your mobile phone. It is all about getting yourself to speak up. Why does this help? I do not know exactly, but I think it works because we are too afraid to share our thoughts as we think it is stupid. Therefore, here there are two takeaways. We know that these thoughts are unnecessary and stupid, and that we need to talk to someone but can’t.
  • Third, I go for a walk and listen to lively music. Though music does help me and many other people, it works both ways. Sad and dull music makes your mood sour, and lively music makes it cheerful. In that sense, I don’t go by the rule of “Music should match your mood”, I rather make it match the mood I want to be in.
  • Fourth, we all know this one- sleep. Sleeping is not possible all the time because sometimes you are in a place where it is impossible to skip that situation. This is for the times when I am at home and not doing anything important. Then I straight away skip all the things and above methods and just sleep. When you wake up you might not be in your best mood, but the intensity would not be so strong.

If you guys have some methods and tricks to fight anxiety and panic comment below. I’ll add it here and give you credits.

Picture Credits: Photo by Mario Azzi on Unsplash

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