2018 And Stupid Resolutions

After years of breaking resolutions in a week or so, I am finally at a stage to set realistic goals. And I think, it is not just me everyone around is doing the same. On January 1st, we decide something, go about it for a week or at max a month, and then drop it. I wonder how the regulars to the gym and park feel about all of us (us- the people who go walking or gyming to keep up with New Year resolutions). I am sure they are laughing inside.

I’ll be honest, I think, this is not it. Every New Year we make shitty resolutions, not the regular ones that we know are not going to last, but we set unrealistic goals. Let’s say a working individual decides to land a salary package of twice the current one, or an obese person planning to become extremely thin in a year. That’s not how this works!

I know I have been a part of this chain, but it is too frustrating to realize that we keep on setting unrealistic expectations just to get disappointed and discouraged year after year. I got an insight on this issue last year. I just graduated as an engineer and was all set to join the workforce. Not only was I discouraged but also ended up accepting a weird job. Why? It was because I had set the wrong goals for my salary package and the type of job. I was confident to get one of these because I easily landed a few amazing internships during graduation. However, that does not mean anything.

I realized that other people who were getting a job this good (as a fresher) were not only highly skilled but also knew what they were doing. I had a meager knowledge and a beginner certificate worth $200. What did I get in return? Nothing. First, I did not give it enough time, and second, it was not something I wanted to pursue in a long run.

Well, the twist is due to the pressure of impractical expectations and goals I landed a job which was not related to this course and was not related to writing (the one I actually wanted to do). So, I stayed there for around 7 months and really got frustrated because no doubt the position and money were great, I was not doing what I wanted to.

I agree, not everyone makes these tragic mistakes because of unrealistic New Year resolutions and goals, but people do it. I did it and that is why this year I am only going to focus on three things. First, staying happy with whatever I do (work and everything else). Second, I will not give up, and finally, earn enough to pay bills.

I know this may seem a little less, mainstream too and people might even laugh at it, but at least I can assure I am getting three things done this year. Therefore, I will be one of the few people who actually got through New Year resolutions.

It is not just about New Year resolutions but it is for everything. It is important to set realistic goals because then you can achieve them. Other times we are just dreaming of how great it would be and feeling miserable in the end.

So, this year I am having weird goals and minimum expectations. If I succeed, you’ll see me stick around and if I don’t, oh God, I am going to hide from the world.

1 year ago

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